How do I hire a Roofing Consultant?

Simply give us a call at 1.804.798.1234.  We will do a preliminary evaluation of your project to determine if you can benefit from roof consulting services.  If so, we will provide you with a detailed cost proposal that will indicate our scope of roof consulting services with our schedule of availability.

What is a Roofing Consultant?

As your Roofing Consultant, we will partner with you to represent your interests and shared goals to successfully complete your roofing project. We are your trusted advisor, your advocate, your technical resource, and your guide through each step of the project to professionally manage it from beginning to end.  Along the journey, you will greatly benefit from our years of knowledge and experience attained from a continuously evolving roofing industry.

Why not just deal directly with a Roofing Contractor?

There are many good Roofing Contractors out there who run highly reputable companies.  They rely on their experiences to formulate their preferences for the types of roof systems they recommend to their clients. Many times these preferred roof systems are sold at whatever the market will bear.  After all, they are in the business to make money.  Perhaps the roofing company had a large quantity of materials left over from another project just sitting around in their warehouse that needs to be sold.  Suddenly the proper solution to their next client's needs just happens to be sitting in their warehouse.  We do not fault a Roofing Company for trying to make a profit and we consider them to be a part of the team.  Adversarial relationships in roofing projects tend to have a less than successful outcome. We have observed that the competitive bidding of concise roof project specifications by pre-qualified Roofing Contractors results in the best value for our client's investment dollar.  And when the Roofing Contractor knows he has someone looking over his shoulder, the project tends to get done better.     

How much does a Roofing Consultant Cost?

Most Roofing Consultants charge by the hour or as a percentage of the roofing project cost in a similar fashion as Architects and Engineers.  We have on occasion saved our clients the entire cost of our roof consulting fee by making a decision, observation, or recommendation on their behalf that provided sufficient savings to offset our fee.  This doesn't happen all of the time, but it doesn't hurt to aspire to that goal.  We like to believe that our fees are commensurate with the task at hand and we ask for nothing more.  Obviously, the larger and more complicated projects require more time and thus a larger fee for services.  Our consulting costs are presented to our clients in a detailed proposal for their written approval prior to any work being performed. We do our best to try and anticipate all things that might impact the cost of consulting services when we prepare our roof consulting proposals.  We know that providing exceptional services at a fair price develops lasting relationships with our clients. 

Should I hire a Roofing Consultant for my home?

Many Roofing Consultants do not do residential work because most of the projects are not large enough to justify the cost of the consulting services to the client.  There are Home Inspectors who many times function as residential roofing consultants.  Also many roofing sales representatives offer advice for the installation of their products.  The residential markets are somewhat less regulated than the commercial roofing industry and as such the Residential Roofing Contractors are less likely to be influenced by what a professional Roof Consultant might have to say. You will often hear a Residential Roofing Contractor say "I've got twenty years of experience doing it this way and I have never had a problem!"  In reality, we believe that many times they actually have one years' worth of experience twenty times.  We will on occasion do residential roofing projects but mainly for our commercial clients.

Why should I hire a Roofing Consultant?

The short answer is "to receive the most cost effective solution for your investment dollar".  Roof systems can be very expensive and every roof system manufacturer claims to have the best solution for you at the best price.  As your Roofing Consultant, we offer an unbiased engineering analysis and product recommendation because we have no allegiance to roof system manufacturers, sales representatives, or roofing contractors.  We have the ability to navigate the vast number of roof systems on the market to determine the "tried and true" from the "latest and greatest" and evaluate a proper fit for our client's needs and goals without being swayed by a clever sales pitch or the promise of volume discounts. 

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