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We love a challenge.  Let us put our many years of analysis and observation to work on your project.  Sometimes it's a simple solution to the problem and other times it's not.  We never do more than is necessary.


Most all of our work is from repeat customers.  That would not be the case if we were unsuccessful in attaining our clients goals.  Our goal is your complete satisfaction.


Roofing projects can be overwhelming to someone outside of the roofing industry.  At PCCompany, we're here to help you.


After growing up in the family roofing business and working summers through high school, Ron Patterson vowed to never have anything to do with roofing again.  After high school he attended J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College then transferred to Kansas State University where he received a B.S. in Architectural Engineering.  Out of desperation, he had to do roofing part-time to pay for his college tuition.  Upon graduation he went to work for Banner Associates Consulting Engineers and Architects in Laramie, WY where he did architectural design development, project management, and roof consulting work for private, state, and federal projects for four years.  Health concerns for the patriarch of the family roofing business drew him back into roofing and eventually he purchased the family business.  Slowly the company was transformed into general contracting and after a period of 10 years, he decided to terminate the family business and go to work for McKinney and Company Consulting Engineers and Architects in Ashland, Virginia.  There he did architectural design development, project management, and your guessed it, roof consulting work for private, state and federal projects for a period of four years.  It seems there was no escaping a career in the roof consulting industry.  In 1996 he started PCCompany to do roof consulting work for individuals and corporations throughout the US.  We currently have completed over 100 million SF of roof consulting projects in all types of roofing products including single plies, BUR, fiberglass shingles, tiles, wood shingles, tin, copper, terne coated stainless, slate, pre-finished metal and pre-engineered metal building roofing. 

During our 35+ years in the construction industry, we have experienced roofing from many perspectives as an Architectural Designer, Roofing Contractor, General Contractor and finally as a Roof Consultant.  We believe this unique perspective makes us well-rounded and best suited to meet the needs of our clients.  Let us help you with your next roofing project. 


Why Choose Us?


Put our 35+ years of experience and over 100 million SF of consulting projects to work for you.  Our experience ranges from the "conceptual" to the practical "hands on" installation of roof systems.